Immigration Law
Our leading edge in immigration practice is grounded in the substantial experience MT Law's attorneys has accumulated through direct participation in a wide variety of cases.  

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Immigration Law

MT Law’s Immigration Department provides comprehensive immigration legal services and handles a wide range of applications to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for temporary visas, green card classifications based on U.S. employment, U.S. family relations, and U.S. investment, as well as applications for U.S. Citizenship.

The Immigration Department has a very high approval rate on all applications filed and distinguishes itself by the attention, commitment, and long-term immigration planning it provides to both its corporate and individual clients. Attorneys and legal professionals in the Immigration Department take the time to answer all questions clients have and work with the client to determine the optimal approaches to meet the client's objective, which in most cases involves immigration to the United States for employment, education, or to reside with a family member in the U.S.

MT Law provides a high level of attention to all of our immigration cases, from temporary employment in the U.S. to immigration. We take the time to listen to our clients so that we can accurately identify short-term and long-term goals and create effective strategies to meet these goals. Our attorneys work closely with our corporate clients to ensure that they understand all of their legal rights and obligations regarding foreign employee sponsorship, and to advise equity stake holders on how to successfully position financial investments and business interests to sponsor their own temporary status or immigration to the U.S.

MT Law’s Immigration Department has in-depth knowledge and experience in all of these approaches and a high approval rate. The Immigration Department welcomes the opportunity to assist you or your business to realize goals and open the door to a successful future in the United States.