B1/B2 Travel Visa

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B1/B2 Travel Visa

The B visa allows temporary trips to the U.S. for business or pleasure. This visa requires a DS-160 application at a U.S. consulate and, in most cases, an interview. B visas are only available to people who can prove strong ties to their home country and nonimmigrant intent.

The B1 visa allows the following activities, among others:

• Meetings with business associates
• Conventions, conferences, and other large-scale events and meetings
• Estate settlements
• Contract negotiations

The B2 visa allows the following activities, among others:

• Tourism
• Vacation
• Visits with friends or relatives
• Medical treatment
• Social events
• Amateur events, competitions, and contests (no paid participation)
• Short recreational classes and activities not for degree credit

It is important not to use the B visa for any unauthorized activities. MT Law’s attorneys are experienced in determining whether a B visa is appropriate for the circumstances and walking applicants through the process of applying. Please contact us today if you would like to schedule a consultation.