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EB-1A petitions are for individuals with extraordinary abilities and achievements who are at the very top of their field, industry, or sport. Obtaining EB-1 classification is usually the fastest way to immigrate to the United States, since there is rarely a visa backlog and visas are quickly available. Another advantage is that EB-1A petitions do not require a job offer, and extraordinary individuals can petition for themselves, without the help of an employer or family member.

The key to a successful EB-1A petition is demonstrating sustained acclaim (a pattern of high-level achievement and recognition), in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. Individuals can qualify if they won a major internationally recognized award (Nobel, Oscar, Pulitzer, etc.), or they can qualify by proving at least 3 of the following:

• Nationally or internationally recognized awards
• Membership in associations that require members to have outstanding achievements
• Articles in professional or major media about the individual
• Invitations to judge the work of others in the field, industry, or sport
• Original contributions of major significance
• Authorship of scholarly articles in professional journals or major media
• Displays at artistic exhibitions or showcases
• Leading or critical roles in distinguished organizations or top companies
• Significantly higher pay than others in the field, industry, or sport
• Commercial success in the performing arts

MT Law successfully represents extraordinary individuals in wide range of scientific disciplines, art, music, education, business, and sports. In addition to working with extraordinary individuals in established and popular areas of work, we regularly obtain approvals for individuals in obscure scientific fields, lesser-known sports, and niche art. We offer a high-level of personalization and take care to describe our clients’ achievements in detail and emphasize their importance through diligent comparative analysis.

If you think you might qualify for EB-1A classification, please contact us today for a consultation.