How to select regional center

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Immigration Law

How to select regional center

The EB-5 investment visa program has existed since 1990 for the purpose of creating jobs for U.S. workers using capital investment from foreign investors who are prospective immigrants. The program is open to investors who make a minimum capital contribution in a new commercial enterprise that creates full time jobs in the U.S.

Selection of Regional Centers and Investment Projects

□ How to select regional center?
★ Background of the management team
★ Previous successful projects
★ Whether it is officially approved by USCIS, whether the approval documents are sufficient, whether the approval is conditional

□ How to select investment project?
★ Feasibility of the project, prospect of the industry, whether the management team is profession
★ Structure of the investment, proportion of EB-5 investment, reliability of other sources of invest
★ Distribution of interest
★ Minimum qualifying investment and administrative fees
★ Examination and appraisal of the licenses, legal documents and credibility of the project team