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PERM Labor Certification

The PERM labor certification process is necessary for most immigrant petitions. It was created to protect American workers by ensuring immigrants are paid standard wages and that American workers have first-priority consideration for the job. The PERM process is very complicated and requires a high level of attention to detail, as even insignificant mistakes can result in denial.

The three major steps in the process are:

1. Obtain a prevailing wage determination for a specific job from the Department of Labor
2. Conduct a recruitment campaign to ensure no qualified U.S. workers are interested
3. Obtain labor certification for the immigrant to perform a specific job

MT Law has extensive experience in filing PERM applications for businesses of all sizes and stages of development. We provide training and consultation to first-time PERM employers, and we offer consistent PERM programming to established companies.

If you are an employer seeking to hire an immigrant on a permanent basis, please contact us today for a consultation on the PERM labor certification process.